2014 Honda Odyssey

I have purchased 3 vehicles from Steve at Dealer World and will always return for my car needs. Steve and his wife are fantastic people and make the buying experience pressure free. First, Steve’s prices are always on the lower end of the Utah market. This is what brought me to him in the first place. Second, Steve is owner, operator, sales manager, and salesman. This means none of that ridiculous “let me talk to my sales manager” you find at other places. Steve has skin in the game which means he is straight with you about what he can and cannot do on price (but he will wiggle a bit if you ask). Third, Steve is amazing at helping you find great deals on extras like tint, rims, tires, and other fun stuff. He helped me deck out my truck and I was thrilled with the prices he helped me find. Lastly, the vehicles Steve sells are very clean with low miles. We have purchased two Honda Odysseys from him (He immediately found us a new one after our first was totaled out in an accident) and a Ford F150. Immaculate condition on all vehicles.

My advice, stop in and talk with Steve. You will find that he is a great guy. He takes care of his customers long after the purchase as well and I recommend him to everyone I talk to who is looking for a vehicle.


Provo, UT


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