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2008 Honda Accord

It has been an absolute pleasure working with Steve at Dealer World. He goes out of his way to ensure that all questions are answered and any problems are resolved. The level of service he provides is rare, and is so important–especially when making such a big decision as purchasing a car. I highly recommend Dealer World!!


Saratoga Springs



2012 Honda CRV

There are not many people that I trust in this world, but Steve definitely is one that I do. I looked at hundreds of Honda accords all over the valley but couldn’t find a good deal. I found one at Dealer world and it was in great condition and it was a great price. I bought it that day and have loved the car!! If there is anything that I could say about Steve and Dealer world, it would be that he will take care of you and not screw you over. Very honest and will compete in price with other dealers. Highly Recommend!


Eagle Mountain7220

2004 Chevrolet Suburban

I am not one to give positive reviews very easily, but my experience with Dealer World warrants kudos.
I was looking for a hard to find vehicle for months.  One came up for sale at Dealer World for a good price so contacted them to set up a prepurchase inspection. I flew from Seattle and picked up the car to drive it home.  Upon arrival I noticed a few minor cosmetic issues, Steve offered to fix them right away.  On my way home I ran out of gas twice yet the fuel gauge showed more than a quarter tank each time.  I called Steve to see if he knew anything about it and believe it or not he offered to fix it.  I had the work done locally in Seattle and the issue has been fixed.  So if your looking for a car be sure to check Dealer World first, good selection, fair prices and an owner who is willing to make things right if need be.
Thanks Dealer World

2012 Honda Civic

I am not someone who usually leaves reviews, but I had such a good and carefree experience at Dealer world, so I thought I should let people know about it.
Steve was friendly, honest and efficient right from the moment I got there.
He showed me a few different cars, I test drove each one and was given time to make my own decision.
Steve was able to get me the lowest possible interest rate and took his time to be as helpful as possible with every aspect of my car buying experience.
If I am in the market for a new car again, this is where I plan to come.


Pleasant Grove UT