2014 GMC Yukon XL

I was looking to upgrade my Yukon XL/Suburban and Steve went far ABOVE and BEYOND what I expected to help me find EXACTLY what I was looking for (and for a GREAT PRICE). After weeks of searching, he narrowed it down to two that were close to what I wanted (my husband thought beige and silver would be acceptable car colors, but they really aren’t my thing). I resigned myself to settle for the beige when I got an excited call from Steve saying he’d found me a white Yukon AND it was even CHEAPER than the other 2! You found exactly what I want and it’s cheaper?? Seriously…who does that? Steve at Dealer World that’s who!! The car was immaculate and looked new, inside and out. Judging from how well my car was detailed before I picked it up, Steve cares a great deal about his clients and wants them to be happy with their purchase (and I DO want to be happy with my purchase since most cars now-a-days cost more than my grandparents paid for their home!). So, thank you for making me
delighted with my purchase. Steve is so friendly to work with, it was a fantastic experience working with him. Due to traffic, I showed up at closing time on a Friday night to pick up the car, and Steve was very gracious about it–he never looked at the clock or made me feel rushed to get out of his office. I will definitely be back in the near future when my teenagers start driving and I need another car for them (gulp). Thanks for making this such a positive experience!

Rating from MichelleC

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