2011 Honda Pilot Touring

I just had the best car buying experience of my life. I have being looking for three months for a white Honda Pilot at a good price. I wasn’t having any luck until I found the Dealer World website. The Pilot he had was the exact one we were looking for. The price was to good to be true, considering the CarFax the car had on the website. I called and talked with Steve. Of course I had all the usual questions about the car, trying to figure out what was wrong with the Pilot. Steve answered all my questions and actually found me an interest rate better than I could get with my bank who I have been banking with for 20 years. Steve bent over backwards to get me the best deal possible. This was the deal I had been looking for. I live in Montana and Dealer World is in Utah. The deal that Steve gave me was better than any deal I found in Montana. I figured I could fly to Salt Lake and with the price of the plane ticket I still saved a lot of money. I was still skeptical about the car and the deal until I was picked up at the airport by Steve and a limo. After talking with Steve and his wife Karen I realized that they are the real thing. I discovered that Steve is a man of his word, honest and has integrity. It felt like the old days when a hand shake and your word meant something. I have meet a lot of car salespeople in my life but none like Steve and Karen who really are not just concerned about selling cars and making money, but selling you a car you will be happy with at a good and fair price. I will look to them again when I am ready to buy my next car and I would recommend that you give Dealer World a call.

Steve L
Billings, MT

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