2005 Toyota Sequoia

Me and my husband had been looking for weeks at SUV’s. I knew what I wanted and of course when I found what I wanted it either had way to many miles or the people thought that they were gold and was asking too much $$. My husband the wonderful man he is, found two Toyota Sequoia’s and they were both at Dealer World. I called to check on them and it sounded as if they had one I was interested in. I decided to take a drive to Pleasant Grove Utah to the dealership. When arriving I met Steve!!!!! He is the most honest auto sales person I think I have ever met. In speaking with Steve on the phone prior to going to Pleasant Grove, the auto was everything he said AND it was everything I wanted. Reasonably priced, good miles and it was the limited model I had been looking for. SOLD!!!! Of course I really had my heart set on the DVD player for my kids and Steve the awesome owner of Dealer World offered to have one installed…. I could not take the car that night so the next day (which was a Saturday) Steve drove the auto half way into Salt Lake City so I could pick it up. I was coming from the northern part of Utah. Now that is a true personal person who cares about his customers and what they are buying.

If I had to recommend someone to buy an auto, I would send them to Dealer World….


Morgan, UT

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