2006 Lexus GX470

This is the second vehicle I have bought from Steve Caloca and, simply put, I refuse to go anywhere else to buy a car. Steve is the most genuinely caring, sincere and trustworthy car dealer I have ever had the pleasure to do business with. In fact, I hesitate to call him a car dealer…I actually refer to him to all my friends as an auto broker, since it seems such a disservice to label him as only a car dealer. Both cars that I purchased from Steve Caloca were special orders. In other words, I called Steve and told him what vehicle I was interested in, what color, what accessories were important to me, even what year and what mileage I would prefer. Steve found the most absolute perfect vehicle for me on both occasions within a few weeks…and both were incredibly pristine and virtually indistinguishable from a brand new model!

Mere words will not adequately describe the unnatural honesty and integrity of Steve Caloca…especially for one in the auto sales business. All I can do here is wholeheartedly plead with you to go see Steve at DealerWorld for your next vehicle purchase. You will not only be astounded and very, very happy with your purchase…but you will know that every statement of endorsement you read here is true, and woefully inadequate to describe the personal integrity and honesty of Steve Caloca.
Thank you, Steve. I’ll be back.

Provo, UT

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